Carsons – Your personal concierge in London!
We will help you organise your leisure time, we’ll weed out all the boring things so you only experience the best London has to offer.

About Us

We at Carsons London are a team of personal assistants, as well as a Concierge Desk, we work round-the-clock seven days a week. To surprise your friend, or book tickets for the match in Chelsea for your husband, or send a gift anywhere around the world, or place your child in the top London school or help with your relocation – our personal assistants will solve any problem within minutes! Carsons only works with the best, whether you need an estate agent, stylist, personal trainer, Oxbridge tutor, or restaurant, we can help you get rid of any hassle so you can spend your valuable time having fun! We work with clients from all over the world, so you only need to have access to a phone or the Internet. You can conveniently operate both in London and anywhere else in the world – your personal assistant will always be available!


The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end that’s all there is.


Call us today to discuss your specific requirements and find out how we can help you.

What Carsons can do

Study in the UK

Carsons assistants will help you study English with the best tutors, find out the difference between dessert and pudding, learn royal etiquette and get ready for Ascot. We can help you learn how the British education system works and what guardianship is, how to find the best doctor and buy a school uniform – with Carsons everything will be easier.

Concierge in London

We can book the most entertaining events in England and Europe, recommend the best restaurants, hotels and spas. We can help you find an equestrian or tennis coach. Whether booking the box for the polo match, Wimbledon or a rugby tournament, or organising visits to the best art galleries in Mayfair with an arts consultant – we can arrange it all!

Home management and administration

We can manage your diary and schedule your appointments, coordinate deliveries, send reminders about important events, and organise plumbers and decorators. If you travel a lot we can hold your keys and organise cleaning, look after your property and walk your dog. Our goal is to give you an assistant you can count on, someone who delivers with a smile.

Travel and unique experiences

Do you travel a lot? Trust the coordination and planning to your dedicated personal concierge, who will know which seats you prefer in the plane and which hotel to book. Carsons London can organise a masterclass with the top chef or winemaker to make your trip to every country unforgettable.

Your personal assistant, concierge, butler and navigator in London!

Why Carsons

Our team is constantly in touch with you and you don’t need to worry about providing us with a work space. You can communicate with your personal assistant 24 hours a day through many using your phone, SMS, Whatsapp or e-mail. You will receive reports on the completed work.
Chat is convenient: no need to wait in a helpdesk queue. You can instruct your Concierge during your massage session or while at the movies! Of course, your assistant is always happy to hear your voice, but sometimes real time chat is a more effective way to give directions, also allowing the details of the errand to be written therefore avoiding any misunderstanding.

You don’t need to employ the assistant fulltime, to pay salaries and taxes. Our assistants have their own working space and everything they need to run errands*. (Fares or flights to other countries will be paid by you separately if required.)

An individual personal assistant will be assigned to you to conduct all your affairs – you won’t have to explain things repeatedly to different assistants. Carsons assistants are not robots, just a friendly team of assistants educated in Britain who have extensive experience as personal assistants, educational consultants or event planners. The assistant will take into account all your preferences, will be your right hand and will become simply indispensable.
Carsons partners are ready to start work as soon as you need them.
All of our assistants have undergone the necessary training and individual testing. They are all reliable, attentive and diligent. We guarantee complete confidentiality, speed and quality of work. We are happy to sign an information non-disclosure agreement if you require.

Carsons London means:

English-speaking assistants who can consultant on and help with a wide range of household and business needs.

Specialists to assist you in various areas including personal assistants, stylists, event planners, mentors and many others.

With us you can:

Delegate all your day-to-day tasks to a trustworthy assistant

Use your personal time effectively and enjoy time with the family, travel, do yoga or walk your dog in the park (we can do that for you as well).

How does it work? Three easy steps:


Contact us for a free consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and learn more about you


Choose your assistant’s working schedule and tariff


Enjoy your free time


Thank you Carsons for being so fast and efficient. I didn’t have time to organise a party for a close friend, but you helped me on such short notice, organised everything from the perfect catering to the fireworks surprise. Olga

South Kensington

We were looking for a boarding school for our son, as we were relocating from Switzerland. Thanks to the team, they arranged the school visits, helped with the preparation and also made sure the process was stress free for our boy. Carsons even helped us rent our apartment. Arnold


When moving to London everything was new and unusual. Especially paying utility bills. My assistant helped me to register and is paying it monthly on my behalf. He also arranged lots of afterschool activities for my twins. Fatima